Podcast #23 – Jenner Argueta about Vital Pulp Therapy and full Pulpotomy (English)

Jenner Argueta Podcast

Jenner Argueta

Jenner is one of the Speakers of the Berlin Roots Summit 2018. We both talked about Vital Pulp Therapy and full pulpotomy of pernament teeth. He had the great idea to invite me to speak in his lecture about my favourite topic: Full Pulpotomy. This was only possible due to the fact that the organisers of the Roots Summit had at least 90 minutes lectures.

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Right now we are mainly a german podcast. In the future we might split the podcasts feeds so that we will have a pure english channel. Just be patient.

One more thing!

During the Roots lecture i promised to share the step by step slides of the lecture:

This is a typical public German healthcare filling in Germany … washed out GIC

Although I marked contacts here I find it more effective to use shimstock foil for a small occlusion check of the neighboring teeth

After caries removal I use 2% CHX gel to keep on working in aseptic technique. I always have a sterile set of burs in my MTA set but if you check the pictures you might find some surprising things. So it´s always good to have pictures.

I like using this #Komet Batt Bur for the pulpotomy. On lectures everybody usually asks me what kind of bur this is so here is the number to order it (857.314.014). You can use any bur you want but I like this one since it has a non cutting tip.

When it comes to MTA applicator I like using the one with a big diameter like 1,2mm. this way I can place a lot of MTA quite fast into the pulp chamber.

Here is used a light curing GIC for MTA coverage. But today I recommend a flowable. This recommendation comes also from josette.

Use any MTA or “hydraulic silicate cement” you like, but remember to skip the bismuth oxide. I know that most of you would rather go for partial pulpotomy or pulp capping but I can only recommend to try the full pulpotomy, especially in cases there everybody would tell you that this will be a “endo for sure”.



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