To inject or Not – Podcast with Serhat Köken and Kostas Karagiannopoulos

Should we go direct or just inject the composite – Serhat Köken and Kostas Karagiannopoulos will lecture about this topic in the GC November Symposium.

In this Podcast we are talking about direct composite and how we are shaping them and the pro and cons of injection molding

Pleaseregister at the GC Dental Campus for the online Symposium in November.

This Podcast is sponsored by GC Europe – thanks for the support!

If you want to listen to the 2015 Podcast which with Serhat Köken as a guest: here is the link: Very Dental Podcast

Posted by Georg

Zahnarzt, Endodontologie (Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt), Zahnumformung mit Komposit sowie Behandlung von Diastema und schwarzen Dreiecken in Berlin